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Fast, affordable business loans to get you through this difficult time

Focus on What Really Matters as a Business

As part of the Inc & Co group, we want businesses to feel empowered to do their best. Eliminating money worries by offering financial support means you can focus on what really matters to you as a business. 

Inc & Co was formed as a way for businesses to collaborate. We encourage businesses to work together instead of in competition to create a wider pool of expertise and knowledge that we can all share to achieve our mutual goal, providing a great service to our customers and clients.

We’ve helped all of our integrated businesses achieve great things by providing shared business level services that they can all benefit from, including financial support. 

In the current climate, businesses need to collaborate more now than ever, and that’s why Inc & Co Capital was born. To use our shared expertise and knowledge from our financial experts, to make sure no business gets left behind during the current pandemic, and has access to the finances they need to continue to do great things, now, and when normality resumes.


Financial support for businesses in Greater Manchester

At Inc & Co, we stand by our ethos; inclusivity and collaboration, even during the most trying of times. That’s why we don’t want any business to feel left in the dark in the current climate. The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses worldwide, so it’s understandable that some small businesses may be feeling the pressure financially. Therefore, we’re offering financial support to local small businesses to help us get through this together. Founded by Jack Mason, Inc & Co Capital is part of the ever-growing Inc & Co brand.

What support are we offering?

On the 20th March 2020, the government launched the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme. This means the government will cover workers’ wages, up to £2500 a month, if they are put on leave. As a business you will need to apply for this, however lots of applicants to the scheme are being rejected, which means your business may be in need of finances sooner to ensure you retain great employees and can continue to operate as close to normal as you possibly can.

We’re offering low interest business loans with no admin or set up fees, with various finance options to ensure you are able to pay back accordingly.


Financial support for local businesses

Low Interest Business Loans from £10,000

We don’t want any local business to struggle financially at this time, so we’re offering low interest business loans starting from a rate of 1.90% per year to small businesses in the Greater Manchester area.

  • Borrow between £10K-£20K
  • Rates from 1.90% per year
  • No admin or setup fees
  • Pay back between 6 – 12 months
  • Receive funds within days of submitting your application
  • Spend your loan however you wish to support your business
  • Pay off your business loan in one go and you’ll only pay interest on the time in which you borrow.

How do you qualify for a small business loan?

To qualify for a small business loan depends on your situation, you can check your eligibility and apply for financial support here.

How financial support can help you

  • Fast and affordable way to cover your business overheads 
  • An alternative to the government Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme 
  • Retain great staff and cover salaries
  • Steady your cash flow 
  • Eliminate financial worry during the Coronavirus pandemic


See if you’re eligible to apply

Apply for Financial Support

We’re determined to help as many businesses as we can, so if you think you could benefit from our financial support at this time, please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you. 

To be eligible for a business loan you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Registered as a LTD company.
  • Be able to provide a P&L and Balance Sheet made up from 31st Mar 20 including a minimum 2-year integrated forecast.
  • Your business should be located in Greater Manchester and in the digital or creative sector.
  • You should be an SME of between 5-20 people.
  • Have an annual turnover of £1m or less.
We care about our local community, therefore, for every £1 loaned we will donate 1p to a Manchester based foodbank.

By applying you agree to the following terms and conditions here and understand that you may be asked to sign an NDA due to the sensitive nature of the business. 


Get in touch with the Inc & Co Capital team to talk about an existing or new proposition.

E-mail: [email protected]

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